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FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy 2017

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Team USA won in men's 4x100m medley relay

Team USA won in women's 4x100m medley relay

HOSSZÚ Katinka (HUN) won in women's 400m IM

LACOURT Camille (FRA) won in men's 50m backstroke

SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) won in women's 50m freestyle

KALISZ Chase (USA) won in men's 400m IM

KING Lilly (USA) won in women's 50m breaststroke

Men's High diving results: 1. Steve Lo Bue (USA) 397.15 2. Michal Navratil (CZE) 390.90 3. Alessandro De Rose (ITA) 379.65

LEDECKY Katie (USA) won in women's 800m freestyle

SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) just broke the World Record in women's 50m freestyle semi-final



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24.3 ° 8 km/h
28.7 ° 4 km/h
26.6 ° 10 km/h
28.2 ° 10 km/h
23.5 ° 20 km/h
24.4 ° 20 km/h
24.7 ° 18 km/h


23.7 ° 11 km/h
19.5 ° 9 km/h
25.1 ° 7 km/h
26 ° 9 km/h
22.7 ° 32 km/h
24.3 ° 20 km/h
24.7 ° 19 km/h

International University Sports Federation (FISU) has organised the Volunteer Leaders Academy for the first time, held in Kazan between 2 and 8 July. Each participating country delegated a representative, Anett Fodor was appointed to represent Hungary.

Anett is a first-year student doing her master’s degree in sports management at the University of Physical Education (TF). Last year she worked for the European University Sports Association (EUSA) as a project assistant, this is how she got acquainted with university sport thus with the Hungarian University Sports Federation (MEFS). As she has been involved in volunteers’ work in the field of sport and this year she is contributing to the volunteer programme of the 17th FINA World Championships – the greatest sporting event in the history of Hungary- as an area leaders coordinator, her interest in the Academy was quite understandable.

The Academy has been attended by 110 participants from a total of 91 countries to learn and improve all aspects of leading volunteers for a whole week. They have been assisted by several international organisations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Education First (EF), the Serbian Olympic Committee and organisers of FIFA World 2018. Among numerous renowned speakers Anett had the opportunity to give a presentation on the FINA World Championships to be hosted by Hungary.  In her presentation she compared the 2015 World Championships in Kazan to the World Champs in Budapest regarding university sport and the employment of youth through volunteering. The presentation was titled Professional sport event’s impact for university sport and youth employability. 

During the week several renowned persons have paid their visit to Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, the venue of Univesiade in 2013 and of the 2015 FINA World Championships Village, including Oleg Matytsin President of FISU, Eric Saintrond Secretary General of FISU and Rustam Minnikhanov President of Tatarstan. The programme was aimed at staging round table discussions, improving and fostering language skills and presentations techniques, writing formal speeches, solving communication and logistics tasks. Participants had to face a series of challenges, demanding tasks. No wonder, considering the fact that the 10 most successful participants are awarded either the invitation and entitlement for full support at Universiade taking place next month in Taiwan as a FISU team member, or scholarship to a business English course at Cambridge University in Boston. We hope the best for Anett in the contest of volunteer leaders.