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Sport venues

  • We recommend arriving to the sport venues at least 30 minutes in advance before the planned start of a given session in order to comfortably go through security and ticket control before taking your assigned seats. In case of finals and/or games where the local team will be involved we advise to come even a bit earlier so you could get a chance of enjoying the venues' atmosphere more.
  • We advise to wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes for your own comfort and safety.
  • Please plan your visit beforehand making sure that you come to the relevant sport venue out of the 5 locations of the World Championships.
  • Children under age 5 can visit competitions free of charge, but no assigned seating is guaranteed for them, which means they will have to share a chair with one of the parents/accompanying persons.
  • A valid entry ticket for any given competitions will enable you to use one of the riverboats of MAHART free of charge on the given day. We are pleased to offer such a unique transport option, as arriving on the river Danube is not just a practical but also a memorable entry to the 17th FINA World Championships. Besides, there are assigned docks by which free parking is guaranteed, please check further details here.
  • At all our venues there are Information points to help and support our guests and visitors. Please feel free to reach out to our passionate volunteers wearing special T-shirts.
  • At each and every sport venue we provide the opportunity to purchase the event mascot and other official merchandising items, we look forward to welcoming you at one of our merchandising booths.
  • It is prohibited to bring to sport venues liquid over 500ml, alcohol, chemical agents, sharp tools or guns. Please have a look at the extended list of items which are not allowed to venues.

Event sites, FINA Market Street Dagály and FINA Market Street Margaret Island

  • Entry is free of charge to both FINA Market Streets. It is important to note that from the area of FINA Market Street Dagály. Entry to the Aquatics Arena is only permitted with a valid ticket for the given day.
  • There are two main event locations: one by Dagály Aquatics Arena (opening hours vary depending on daily competition schedule) and by the music fountain on Margaret Island (open from 11 to 22h on competition days).
  • Detailed schedule will be available soon, further information here.
  • For the sake of security and convenience we kindly ask you to have a look at our attached file, which lists all prohibited items from event and sport venue sites.