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We have more than 40+ offices  all over  Hungary and huge experience in organising sightseeng tours, city trips, vacation packages, selling air tickets, travel insurrance, and many more! We offer a wide range of interesting  programs for the FINA visitors, who choose to discover the Hungarian capital and the countryside areas,  enjoy Hungarian cuisine and meet interesting people! Come and join us, you can rely on us!

Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, a metropolis with 2M inhabitants. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the World! The city has a good balance with architectural monuments and a modern, multicultural lifestyle. If you visit Budapest once, you will have to come back again!

Our offers include different tours in Budapest and the countryside: Danube Bend tour, Gödöllő castle visit, Szentendre Skanzen folklore and other traditional Hungarian programmes. For more fun join us for a Budapest city tour by bike-, foot- or segway. We invite you for a a funny ride with the famous German old-timer: Trabant tour on the streets of Budapest! Extend your holiday in Hungary and visit the Formula-1 Grand Prix on Hungaroring, or have a spa experience in one of Budapest’s famous bath. Click the button below to choose your favorite!