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High diving: beautiful environment, great athletes

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Those who plan to attend the high diving events of the 2017 FINA World Championships, will make a good decision: the venue in Batthyány Square with a fantastic view to the Danube and the Hungarian Parliament Building on the far shore and the spectacular performance of the athletes will guarantee the great experience.

High diving is the youngest but beyond doubt one of the most spectacular events of the FINA World Championships. It was held in 2013 in Barcelona for the first time, and the crowd loved it in Spain and in Kazan last year as well. Success is guaranteed in Budapest, too, since the location of the venue is fantastic. The high diving competition will take place in Batthyány Square on the bank of the Danube River right in front of the Hungarian Parliament Building.

It will be a great sport experience as well: men jump from a 27-metre-high platform while women jump from a 20-metre-high platform.

„Diving in the heart of Budapest is going to be fantastic, I can't wait.  To defend your title is always harder than to take it in the first place.  I know that there are a lot of divers who want that gold medal, my job is to make sure that I'm more determined and working harder than everyone else” – said defending champion Gary Hunt who has also won the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series six times.

High diving events will start on 28 July with the first three rounds of the men’s and women’s competition. On Saturday 29 July the 4th and 5th round of the women’s competition, on Sunday 30 July the last two rounds of the men’s competition will be held.

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