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Serbia deservedly the Olympic champion!

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After some disappointing results Serbia finally managed to win gold in the men’s Olympic water polo tournament. (Image:

After some disappointing results Serbia finally managed to win gold in the men’s Olympic water polo tournament. The team of Dejan Savic didn’t give any chance for reigning champion Croatia in the final, and won 11-7.

"We played tremendously. We made only a few mistakes, which isn't usual for a final. In the last one and a half days I really felt ready for this moment; that we were going to achieve the most memorable moment of our careers. The vast majority of this team will continue playing but for a few guys this will be their last competition and their crowning glory" – Serbian star Andrija Prlainovic said.

"Serbia was the better team. We tried everything we had against them but they were just to physical and strong. The result shows that." "Right now we have a very young team. This team is already set to start the next Olympic cycle. I believe that 10 or 11 players on this team will play in Tokyo. I'm very optimistic about our chances in Tokyo" – said Croatian head coach Ivica Tucak.

Montenegro lost their third bronze final in a row, this time against Italy 12-10.


"This medal means we are at the top of water polo, even if we changed seven players from London. I think we deserved it. When you finish the Olympic Games with victories, with a medal, it's always happiness" – Italian head coach Alessandro Campagna said.

"This is the third time in a row we've played for third place. The results have always been the same, lose the semi-final and lose the third-place game. I feel really sorry for my players. I know they wanted it really bad and I think they deserved it. Unfortunately today, a lot of things didn't go our way" - Vladimir Gojkovic, head coach of Montenegro lamented.

Hungary consoled themselves with the 5th place after beating Greece 12-10.


“At least we completed our journey here with another win and remained undefeated in regular time, a good message from our side. Our game came together for this Olympics, I can’t demand any better from my team. Of course, we had a couple of ups and downs here, and I won’t say that we had two weaker periods against Montenegro and that cost us the medal round. We reached a level I wished to see, especially in offence, we played great water polo, something people got used to from Hungary” – said Hungarian head coach Tibor Benedek.