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Hungary and Russia surprise favourites in Rio

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Hungary caused the biggest upset in the quarter-final of the women’s Olympic water polo tournament. (Image:

Hungary caused the biggest upset in the quarter-final of the women’s Olympic water polo tournament. The team of Attila Bíró has never led against Australia in normal time, they even had to fight back after being down 1-5 in the second quarter. The score was, however, 8-8 in the end, and the Magyars won the penalty shootout 5-3.

„We have had a couple of ups and downs during this game. I am very happy to go through to the semi-final, which is fantastic, because we have not played well today. We can still improve a lot, but the fans could see that we are mentally very strong” – Attila Bíró, head coach of Hungary said to the homepage of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation.

The Aussies were regarded as the team with the biggest chance to beat top favourite USA in the Olympics, since they beat them twice earlier this year.

The US Team had no difficulties against host Brazil, the defending champion won 13-3. The Brazilians scored their first goal after 26 minutes.

„I had expected the Australians in the semi-final, but all of the teams will bring their best game” – 19-year-old Makenzie Fischer said.

In the other two quarter-finals Italy beat China 12-7, and Russia suprisingly defeated Spain 12-10.

„We have had about two months to understand that Spain can be our rival in the quarter-final, and we tried to prepare against them. Incidentally, they also wanted us, but it seems that our tactic has been dominant today” – Alexander Gaidukov, head coach of Russia said.

The semi-finals are held on Wednesday.