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Éva Risztov sais goodbye to the Olympic Games after the competition in Rio

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Éva Risztov prepared in the pool in 800m freestyle for the more important 10km open water race. She planes to swim full of joy.

Éva Risztov prepared in pool in 800m freestyle for the more important 10km open water race. She planes to swim full of joy.

“As I will start the 10km race on Monday I will not be afraid of anything or I will not feel any pressure, because I already know, this competition is going to be my farewell to the Olympic Games.” – highlighted the hero of the London Olympic Games, who is going to became 31 not long after the end of the Rio Games.

We cannot say, she easily became a participant of the Games this year, because she has just finished at the 10th place in Kazan. Because of doping scandals Anna Olasz – who just missed the qualification places in Kazan- got  a chance to compete at the Games short before starting, but it is another story.

“There are just a few competitors who finished in London in the TOP, but the field is stronger, no one can wait for an easy competition. “-said Éva Risztov, who did not swim a lot in the Copacabana- bay.

„ I will just swim in the water, when it is necessary, and I think I do not really have to explain that. Despite of that, I will enjoy the swim and will start the race with the beautiful feeling and motivation that my friends, beloved family members and fans wished me a nice farewell. “- said the title defender champion 24 hours before the start.

Éva Risztov was the swimmer of Debrecen four years ago, but she changed club and coach, and “came home” to the Kőbánya SC. She left the club several years before, when she wanted the stop swimming.

We are lucky, she changed her mind, and started again. She could reach her goal, she became a gold medallist in London.