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5.9 ° 32 km/h
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6.9 ° 45 km/h
2.4 ° 29 km/h
3.4 ° 23 km/h
3.5 ° 31 km/h
3.8 ° 29 km/h


6 ° 40 km/h
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Dear media representatives,

We thank you for your interest in the 17th FINA World Championships 2017 in Budapest. The accreditation through the FINA General Management System (GMS) has opened.

For the GMS System, click here. 

For further information please write to the

For hotel information please check the documents on this page.
At the following maps you can see the offered hotels for the media.

Press facilities

To make journalists’ working environment efficient and comfortable in each competition venue, we will provide the following facilities and possibilities for work and rest:

·         common working room for written press

·         photo workroom

·         press conference room

·         mixed zone

·         press tribunes

·         media lounge


Press centres offer in all of the venues workplaces, internet and WiFi, computers for free use and printers for necessary materials. One info desk will operate in each venue, where enthusiasitic volunteers will offer their help in any case of problems. You will find information of all competitions, startlists and results in all of the venues, which of course will be always updated!


Photo working room

Photographers’ working room equipped with workpositions for their own computers devices with power outlet and the Internet acces. Photo equipment lockers are also available.


Nikon Professional Services (NPS) (Dagály Swimming Complex)

Nikon offers a wide range of repair services and equipment rentals to all accredited photographers. The list of services includes:

1.       diagnostics, cleaning and repair of professional Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories;

2.       technical support for professional Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories.


Press conference room

Press conferences start 20-30 minutes after a victory ceremony and/or upon journalists’ request. Participants: competitors, coaches, representatives of winning teams, best scorers, moderator of the press conference. Consecutive interpreting will be offered during all press conferences. Information about upcoming press conferences will be available at the press centre info desks.


Mixed zone

Mixed zones provide journalists an opportunity to interview athletes and coaches immediately after the competition. Mixed zones are located at the point where athletes exit the field of play.

Depending on the type of media, the order of interviews in a mixed zone is as follows:

1.       Host broadcaster;

2.       Rights-holding TV broadcasters;

3.       Rights-holding radio broadcasters;

4.       Written Press;

5.       Other media.


Press tribunes

Press tribunes are equipped with desks, wired Internet access, WiFi and are connected to power supply.
Competition results are delivered to the media working on the tribunes by press centre volunteers.


Media lounge

Media lounges are recreation areas for journalists where small refreshement are offered continuously throughout the day.