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2017. 07. 28 - 30.

Batthyány Square / Buda embankment of the Danube

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2017. 07. 28 - 30.

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Batthyány tér

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Temporary pools for the High Diving discipline will be set up by Batthyány Square, alongside River Danube – just across the bank to Budapest’s most breath-taking sight, the mighty Parliament building.
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While more and more people discover FINA’s new discipline and watch these outstanding athletes diving from 20m and 27m (women and men respectively), the hosts are trying to offer more unique locations. Whenever the event is held in a city, the site is chosen to show spectators the most amazing views, besides the brilliant dives.

Budapest, will not disappoint from this perspective either. The temporary diving tower and the pool will be set up by Battyhyány Square, named after Lajos Batthyány, the first Prime Minister of Hungary.

Located by the Buda embankment of the River Danube, it can be found just across Budapest’s most breath-taking sight, the mighty Parliament building. Add the venue by Castle Hill above this with two of the most beautiful bridges guarding its sides, we can truly guarantee a breath-taking location for the event.