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2017. 07. 16 - 29.

Alfred Hajos Complex, Margaret Island

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2017. 07. 16 - 29.

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1138 Budapest, Margitsziget


  • Bus No. 26, 1 minute walk to the main entrance
  • Trams No. 4 and 6, getting off at Margaret Bridge, 8-10 minute walk to the main entrance

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Short story

Named after its architect, Alfréd Hajós, the first Olympic champion of Hungary (winner of the 100 and 1200m freestyle events at the 1896 Athens Games), this outstanding pool complex witnessed a series of major international competitions in the past. Its main building was constructed within seven months back in 1930 – a speed copied by the builders of the brand new Dagály swimming venue – and upon the occasion of major international championships, outdoor pools were added in different periods.
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The extension block which was added for the occasion of the 2006 European Swimming Championships bears the name of the legendary swim coach, Tamás Széchy. Currently 8 open or closed swimming pools and international standard diving platforms, covering nearly 80.000 m2, await professional and recreational sportsmen and women alike.

The “Hajós” - as it is referred within the Hungarian sport world - complex is located on Margaret Island, a spectacular scenery itself, which is considered the “Central Park” of Budapest. It is the focal point of domestic aquatic sports.

Generations of legendary Hungarian water polo players were trained here, conquering the world by clinching 9 Olympic titles. A real paradise for aquatics, offering a full range of facilities, warm-up and training – even foreign players label the Margaret Island as the Mecca of water polo sport. The extended tribunes will hold 7,000 seats in 2017 that will surely be filled each evening.

In the hall of the Alfréd Hajós Swimming Complex engraved marble slabs honour the names of Hungarian World and Olympic Champions in water sports. We wish that this list shall become even longer after the 17th FINA World Championships!