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During the time of the 17th FINA and MASTERS World Championships we will offer exciting programs to sport fans and to all our guests coming from various corners of the world by the Dagály and the Alfréd Hajós aquatic complex at the so-called FINA Market areas. There will be 3 main themes ranging from:

  1. Culture – daily concerts and music for all age groups;
  2. Family and kid programs with different kind of water related games;
  3. Gastronomy – festival-like atmosphere with a diverse food and drink selection.

All those interested could visit the Museum of FINA (International Swimming Federation) by the Dagály Swimming Complex, where one could learn more about the history and milestones of aquatic sports. Sponsors of the World Championships will also be there to meet and greet the public. Besides, a merchandising stand with the event mascot and with all other official giftware will be available here (and also at other sport venues).   

In the close vicinity of the music fountain at Margaret Island, we will have our main stage placed at a beautiful green park. Before and after the cultural events you will be able to follow daily sport action on a giant screen, all this next to the Water Polo site. We have no doubt that Margaret Island will be one of the most authentic fan zones of the World Championships!  

Entry is free of charge to both FINA Markets, so to Dagály and to the given area of Margaret Island. Opening hours will vary depending on daily competition schedules at Dagály, while the venue at Margaret Island awaits you from 11 to 22h.

The opening and closing ceremony of the MASTERS World Championships will also be held at the big stage of the Margaret Island FINA Market, making this a unique point of reference for the athletes.  

It is important to mention that one could only enter the area of Dagály after a security check, after which another security and ticket control will be carried out when entering the diving or swimming competitions.

For the sake of security and convenience we kindly ask you to have a look at our attached file, which lists all prohibited items, which are not permitted to event and sport venue sites.